2 deaths thunderstorms: East Coast Thunderstorms Claim 2 Lives

Heavy thunderstorms ripped along the East this week, leaving a path of devastation behind. High temperatures and winds along with torrential downpours contributed to countless properties being flooded or damaged. The cluster of storms covered a large area – from New York to Virginia and as far inland as Indiana.

New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania seem to have caught the brunt of the storms in terms of overall damage and severity. The powerful group of storms included at least one confirmed tornado and caused significant amounts of property damage that are still being totaled. This weather event is even responsible for two deaths.

In Phelps, New York two people were tragically killed as a result of the powerful storms. As the pair from out of town traveled through Phelps trying to navigate the calamity, a large tree suddenly snapped and fell toward the roadway. The male and female occupants were killed when the tree landed on their car. Pending notification to family members, their names have not been released.

Downed power lines and flooded roadways can also be hazardous to drivers. Unstable utility poles often cause transportation officials to close stretches of major highways such as Route 228 near Pittsburgh. Although community efforts are made to ensure the stability of power lines and trees precariously close to the roadway, circumstances related to weather events can be unpredictable.

Standing water can be especially dangerous because the actual depth is unknown. Drivers are cautioned to use extra care when travelling through these areas and should not drive through any standing water in unfamiliar roadways. State highway officials and utility providers are working together to reopen closed roadways and ensure the safety of drivers. Some rush hour commutes have been delayed by the aftermath of thunderstorms that rocked the East on Tuesday.

2 deaths thunderstorms

2 deaths thunderstorms

2 deaths thunderstorms