disney world accident finger tips

disney world accident finger tips

Disney world accident finger tips: Freak Accident at Disney World has Man Lose Two Finger Tips

Orlando, Florida – A British man on vacation with his family at Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom got the tips of two finger sliced off while enjoying the “Pirates of the Caribbean” log flume ride. No sooner did it become apparent he was injured, Disneyworld officials closed down the ride. It has since reopened to the public. It’s still a wonder what exactly happened that could cause a patron dismemberment. The man held his own well and said that he had placed his hand where it should have not have been placed. He takes responsibility for the freak accident.

The victim, a man in his 40s, was immediately taken to the hospital following the arrival of members of the Reedy Creek Fire Department. The department confirmed the man’s approximate age and that he and his family were visiting from England. Engineers gave the ride a thorough inspection and found nothing amiss. The fingers that were severed were the pinky finger from the point of the fist knuckle from the finger tip and the ring finger tip to the base of the nail. In both cases, the tips were cleanly severed. It’s not known if the dismembered portions were recovered.

Ironically, the Pirates of the Caribbean log flume is one of the few thrill rides that is accessible to people of ages. It does not even have the dreaded height check that has broken the hearts of many eager children as they attempt to board a ride. The ride is based on the 2003 blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” which went on to gross $654 million at the box office and inspire a franchise that has thus far grossed $3.7 billion in ticket sales. A fifth installment to the franchise is set to begin filming in 2016 and is called “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.


disney world accident finger tips
Man Loses Fingertips in Accident on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride