boy 4 killed by dogs

boy 4 killed by dogs

Tampa Area 4-Year Old Boy Fatally Mauled by Dogs

A visit to his aunt and uncle’s home proved fatal for a 4-year old Riverview, Florida boy when he was mauled to death by two pit bull dogs. Logan Shepherd had been accompanied to the relative’s home by his mother. While the adults were engaged in a conversation, Logan somehow slipped out the door and into the front yard. According to a report from the local sheriff’s department, the two dogs had been restrained in a crate, but managed to get loose and attack the young child.

Family members came running when they heard Logan screaming, but thought he was still inside the house enjoying a bowl of ice cream. He was ultimately found in the front yard of the property, with the two pit bull dogs standing watch over his lifeless body. Logan Shepherd was declared dead at the scene. Officials from the Hillsborough County Pet Resources Division came to take possession of the killer animals, and a spokesman for the Animal Services department reports that both pit bulls were euthanized in a humane fashion over the weekend. Both dogs were adult females and further testing is being planned to help determine what triggered the fatal mauling of the young boy.

“So many (dog attacks) occur in the family home, with the family dog, and it happens as a result of children being unsupervised,” Hillsborough County Animal Services spokeswoman Marti Ryan said.

Although an investigation is continuing into the incident, there have been no criminal charges filed against the family members who owned the two dogs. A youngster who identified herself merely as Logan’s sister said she was extremely saddened by the loss of her brother, whom she identified as a quiet child who easily expressed his love for everyone.

“I’m not ready for that,” she said.

Another unidentified family member called his unexpected death tragic. Logan Shepherd became one of the more than 4 million individuals who are bitten annually by aggressive dogs, according to the CDC, with over 400,000 of those being children.

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boy 4 killed by dogs

Little boy, 4, mauled to death by uncle’s two pit bulls as he ate ice cream

boy 4 killed by dogs: Relatives’ pit bulls fatally maul Riverview boy, 4