Massive Sinkhole Threatens Local Neighborhood

Spring Hill, Florida – A sinkhole of substantial size has opened up in this coastal city of 98,000 residents which has consumed the driveway and front yard of one home and has alarmed neighborhoods over the possibility it may destroy multiple homes. The hole is gradually opening up and thus far is believed to be 30 feet deep. Authorities have evacuated the family of the primary home affected by the doline. At last report,sinkhole homes Florida 2

sinkhole homes Florida:  Massive Sinkhole Consumes Entire Front Yard  (PHOTO)

sinkhole homes Florida: Massive Sinkhole Consumes Entire Front Yard (PHOTO)

sinkhole homes Florida the diameter of the depression was 40 feet. The spectacle has attracted people looking to satisfy their curiosity by observing or gawking at the sinkhole. One concerned neighbor expressed dismay that he might have to relocate, but that presumes someone would be interested in buying a home in close proximity to a growing sinkhole. Nor it is an inconvenient fact that can be hidden from prospective home buyers either.

The homeowner is a 64-year-old woman who had purchased the property only in early 2013 and had every intention on remodeling it. For the homeowner’s sake, she better be carrying the optional sinkhole coverage offered on Florida homeowner’s insurance policies because she’ll need every bit of help to get through this mess. Reports are that the owner is devastated by the events. She was away on vacation when her daughter informed her the home was on the news. Peggy Hemlick, the neighbor living across the street, put it best when she said that the sinkhole has rendered her own property to the same value as excrement. Sadly, Hemlick and others in the neighborhood only recently dropped their sinkhole coverage because premiums have soared in the face of so many sinkhole claims in the past few years. Weather reports are that it will rain today which will likely increase the size of the sinkhole. When it comes to Florida and its sinkhole problems statewide, this is definitely a place you can visit, but definitely do not want to live in.


sinkhole homes Florida