At approximately 10:00 on Sunday morning, passersby reported seeing what appeared to be two human bodies floating in the water. When investigators arrived at the site of the incident near the Hollywood Beach area, they confirmed they discovery of two male bodies. A few miles offshore, two other male bodies were uncovered.

Investigators are trying to identify the men, who appear to have been exposed to the water and elements for an extended period. The Coast Guard and local Broward County police agencies are working together to provide some answers about where these men came from, where they were going, and how they were travelling along the choppy ocean waters. A helicopter aided search was conducted on Sunday to determine if any additional bodies were also abandoned in the water. Although the official search ended shortly after sundown, the mystery continues.

Officials are working with other reports, random data provided, and initial clues to piece together what could have happened. The priority on Sunday was to ensure that no other victims remained in the water. Original reports indicated one victim was female, and several other bodies were in the vicinity. Coast Guard response units clarified that all victims found on Sunday were male. They also confirmed that other items in the water which appeared to be more victims were actually just pieces of various debris.

The Florida coast has long been a haven for immigrants escaping Haiti, Cuba, and other economically distressed developing nations. A group of Haitian refugees were captured and detained recently after navigating the potentially dangerous Florida Straits. It has not been confirmed if the bodies recovered were potential immigrants searching for a new life in the United States. The active investigation continues to search for evidence of a possible makeshift boat or other clues as to the identity of the men.