The Most Unsafe Intersection In The USA

The Most Unsafe Intersection In The USA

The Most Unsafe Intersection In The USA

A study has been made of the least safe intersections in all of the Untied States, and the “winner” has been determined to be located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Bensalem, a suburb of Philadelphia, hosts this ridiculously unsafe intersection, which is located at Knights Road and Streets Road. According to an article recently published by Examiner, there is no worse intersection in the entire country.

The grim statistics gathered at this ghoulish intersections peak for themselves. Over a period of ten years, the intersection of Knights Road and Streets Road witnessed an astonishing 144 vehicle crashes. The result of these collisions was a toll of some 170 people killed or injured.

According to Joseph Fiocco, a leading traffic engineer who contributed to this study, the sheer volume of vehicles that pass hour by hour through this crowded and unsafe intersection guarantees a significant number of crashes and resultant fatalities each year. Fiocco had this to say on the subject: “The more traffic that’s crossing and the more pedestrians and bicycles there are, the more likely accidents are.”

A description of the intersection that was recently published in Time magazine paints a less than flattering picture: According to the article, the intersection is “plagued by poor signage, dim, lighting, discontinuous sidewalks, aggressive drivers and jaywalkers.”

Over 36,000 vehicles pass through this intersection on a daily basis. The article mercifully refrained from mentioning any more similarly unsafe intersections that may be located in Bucks County, but the chances are good that where there is one death trap, there may well be others waiting to be discovered.

The article does go on to mention that the state of Florida seems to have the highest number of unsafe intersections (5), while the states of Maine, New Jersey, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina contain at least one each.

Elizabeth, N.J.
Intersection of East Jersey Street and Spring Street

St. Louis
Intersection of North Grand Boulevard and Montgomery Street

Asheville, N.C.
Intersection of Patton Avenue and New Leicester Highway

Awendaw, S.C.
Intersection of North Highway 17 and Seewee Road

Lucedale, Miss.
Intersection of Route 63 and Route 98

Astor, Fla.
Intersection of State Road 40 and State Road 19

Intersection of North Semoran Boulevard and Old Cheney Highway

Kissimmee, Fla.
Intersection of Vista Del Lago Boulevard and Route 192

Frostproof, Fla.
Intersection of South Scenic Highway and County Road 700

Hialeah Gardens, Fla.
Intersection of Hialeah Gardens Boulevard and North Okeechobee Road

Wilton, ME.
Intersection of Allen Street and Route 2