Candace Cameron Bure, Selfies and the Ridiculous Nature of Media Fixation

There has been a great deal of fuss made in the media recently about an extraordinary event that is remarkable if only to note how very unremarkable it really it. It involves Candace Cameron Bure, a self taken photograph, a celebrity wedding and John Stamos’ cell phone. This doesn’t really sound media worthy at the outset does it? Well, it doesn’t start sounding anymore media worthy the further in you get.

For those of you whom are uninitiated in pop culture and it’s chaotic ebb and flow, Candace Cameron Bure is a American actress best known for her work on such popular television shows like Full House, Boy Meets World as well as Dancing With The Stars. She is close friends with her former Full House co star, Andrea Barber and the two are now treated like something of a more benign version of Burke and Hare.

What happened was, Barber and Bure were invited to Dave Coulier’s wedding, which featured people like Bob Sagat. While there, they apparently, “Stole,” John Stamos’ phone and took some, admittedly stupid looking, pictures together. With Bure and Barber squinting their eyes, one of them plugging their nose weirdly and the other sticking out her tongue impishly. It appeared to be all in good fun because they left the picture on Stamos’ phone and he was recorded as having found it quite amusing, saying something along the lines of, “This is what you get for leaving your phone unattended around those two.” If people feel that need to talk about these stories, it’s absolutely fine, so long as it’s not on a serious news outlet.