Members of the Navy Seals, an elite task force of specially trained individuals who work around the world to protect America, are being officially warned by Rear Admiral Brian Losey not to discuss their work in public. Losey’s written warning comes on the heels of news that the Navy Seal who allegedly was the man who pulled the trigger to bring down terrorist Osama bin Laden, would soon be interviewed regarding the operation on the Fox News Network. Losey reminded all Navy Seal members that they would be subject to legal action if they decided to speak out in an interview and reveal anything that is considered to be classified information.

Losey called the former Team Six Navy Seal member who is set to participate in a televised interview about his killing of bin Laden, extremely selfish. Another Team Six member wrote an unauthorized book called “No Easy Day” that was published in 2011 and gave explicit details about the secret raid and mission that wound up with bin Laden being assassinated. Although Mark Bissonnette is acknowledged as the author of the tell-all memoir, the Team Six member who has agreed to the Fox News interview has not yet been identified.

In his letter to all Navy Seal members, Losey heavily criticized the former Team Six member for betraying the Ethos of the Navy Seals, which prevents members from either advertising what they do or seeking any recognition for their participation in ultra-secret projects. Admiral Losey reminded all Navy Seals that this Ethos is not merely something that is abided by during their active duty but remains a commitment which needs to be honored once they leave military service. Promotional spots for the upcoming interview on Fox News, scheduled for mid-November, says it will identify the shooter by name.