The accomplishments of Joseph Acaba are nothing short of extraordinary. At an early age it was apparent that Joseph would excel in life. He was born in May of 1967 in Inglewood, California where his parents Ralph and Elsie Acaba encouraged him to learn by showing him a myriad of education videos. His inspiration for becoming one of the first chosen by NASA to become a mission specialist actually came from these videos.

It was an 8 mm film of Neil Armstrong landing. His first mission was in 2009, where he performed two space walks and spent a total of 138 days in space. Apart from his space travels he has various degrees including a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Master of Science in Geology.

He also spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserves, he worked as a hydro-geologist in Los Angeles. After his many years in the Reserves he spent two years in the Peace Corps as an Environmental Education Awareness Promoter, he trained over 300 teachers in the Dominican Republic.

In 2008 he was honored by the Senate of Puerto Rico, and later received the Ana G. Mendez University System Presidential Medal during one of his visits to Puerto Rico to encourage the study of math and science. It seems there wouldn’t be time for anything else in his life, but he still manages to visit family when he returns to Puerto Rico. It should be obvious that he has every intention to do everything he possibly can with his life, and he is an unbelievable man.