Gun Sales Go Up 50% Recently In Ferguson

In recent weeks, gun sales in Ferguson have risen 50% in anticipation of the grand jury decision on the case involving police officer Michael Brown, who shot unarmed teenager Darren Wilson. Many fear repercussions and are preparing for a possible shoot out, if the grand jury comes down with a verdict that is unfavorable to the masses, who are interested in the case.

Dan McMullen, who is the owner of an insurance agency near the site of the shooting that took place in August, fears possibly being trapped in his workplace and getting involved in a “John Wayne” type shoot out. Although he believes it’s unlikely, he is prepared, just in case, as he states that he is the only white person that’s there.

Steven King, who is a shooting supplies owner in the metro area, stated that gun sales had risen over the weekend from 30 to 100, and fear is what’s driving up the sales. King also stated that many black people were coming in buying guns, out of fear of the “hooliganism” that was going on in the area. King also states that if more investigations were done, it would be apparent that it’s one street doing most of the crazy antics, not the entire area of Ferguson.

The grand jury is preparing to make a decision if there is enough evidence to pursue charges against the police officer involved in the shooting. Meanwhile, police are on high alert and preparing for the worst. Although the grand jury has until January to make their ultimate decision, many are gearing up for anything, in case the jury comes back earlier than January with a final ruling.

Sgt. Brian Shellman states that, it only takes one out of 10 people with bad intentions to make the situation get out of control.