Racial tension and unease continues to build in Ferguson Missouri, pending the jury decision on whether to indict Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, and unarmed black teenager. This incident has sparked riots and flooded the media with controversy over the last several months and will be coming to a head pin pending the decision regarding whether or not indict Wilson. The scene appears reminiscent to the days and weeks leading up to the Los Angeles Riots, in which Los Angeles and cities across the United States rioted for weeks due to the acquittal of LAPD officers involved in the Rodney King Beatings that were videotaped in early 1992.

The concern for the current events taking place is that it is following the same patterns that led to the havoc that transpired in the early 90’s. The black community and other minority groups had had enough of the abuse from the Los Angeles Police Department and decided to make a statement that that kind of behavior was not going to be taken quietly. Thousands of people were injured and total anarchy swept across the country, as police and riot squads fought to regain control of the mayhem.
In the Ferguson case, it is almost as if the tension has stepped up to a new level, due to the fact that many people feel Brown was killed unjustly in an execution style. Reasoning’s for these beliefs stem from the fact that Mike Brown was shot in the back and appeared to be fleeing from the officer at the time he was struck with the bullet that killed him. The country once again is waiting on pins and needles and hoping that the area around Ferguson, as well as the rest of the United States remains under control pending the jury’s decision on this complex racial conflict.