With the quickly approaching holiday season, a community in Cleveland is in grieving as a young man was struck down due to a horrible misunderstanding. Early this past Sunday Tamir Rice, a 12 year old Cleveland boy passed away due to wounds inflicted by police officers after brandishing a fake gun.

Saturday afternoon officers were called to the local Cudell Recreation Center by a concerned citizen. The 911 call stated that the weapon was probably a fake, but Tamir was pointing the gun at others in a frightening display, The officers who responded stated that they could not take the chance that the weapon was a fake and treated the situation accordingly.

When young Rice was approached by authorities after being instructed to raise his hands, he reached for the gun in his waist band, thus causing officers to fire upon him. Officers and witnesses have since reported that while he did seem to reach for the gun, he did not threaten nor point the gun at the police. Tamir was then transported to a local hospital where he died during treatment.

The officers who dealt with the situation are under investigation and currently on paid leave as they continue to try to find answers in a very difficult situation.

While some suggest the death of Tamir Rice is a racial issue, others argue that it is simply one of those freak situations that should not have happened but unfortunately did. No matter the cause, the loss of the young man will leave one Cleveland family mourning through this holiday season.

The lesson from this horrific situation is simple and straight forward for parents. A gun is a gun, fake or not; and children must be taught to treat them accordingly. For a full run down of the story as well as breaking news in the investigation of the Tamir Rice case, check out: www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/cleveland-boy-12-shot-officer-holding-replica-gun-article-1.2020637.