Logan airport in Boston has seen its share of odd and crazy people, but none quite as odd and nutty as the man arrested there Saturday for attacking an 84 year old man after he fell naked from a drop ceiling.

Cameron Shenk who is 26 years old, supposedly stripped naked inside a women’s restroom in Logan. He then climbed into the drop ceiling and when he fell through the ceiling in Terminal C, he then proceeded to attack an elderly man.

Shenk had many charges placed on him after being arrested. They include:

  • Lewd and lascivious behavior
  • Mayhem
  • Assault on a person over 60
  • Assault on a police officer
  • And attempted murder

In the struggle to arrest Shenk, a Massachusetts State police officer was injured. It was determined that drugs nor alcohol were in Shenk’s system.

Shenk was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was treated for the injuries he received when falling from the ceiling. He was then booked and will go to court on these various charges.

In most cases where someone does crazy and stupid things at airports, it is usually because of drinking or drugs. It seems preposterous that a man would do something so crazy without having something in his system. It may be a case where he should be in a mental hospital, but please don’t allow him back into Logan airport.

Some may wonder if there was something in the air at Logan International Airport on Saturday. Anton Hilton who is 52 years old assaulted a 21 year old woman. He was also arrested and had charges of assault and battery plus kidnapping.

One thing is good in all of this….at least it wasn’t a case of someone having a gun or bomb. A naked man falling from a ceiling isn’t all that bad.