Last Thursday, actor Dwight Henry who is known for his roles in the well-received “Beasts of the Wild Wood” and “12 Years a Slave” was arrested for theft. He has been accused of entering former workplace Buttermilk Drop Bakery, convincing the present employees that he is part owner, and stealing $270 from the cash register. The actor terminated his employment at the bakery two years ago but apparently bears a grudge against his former employer who is profiteering by the celebrity of his former employee. Statements say that the actor has even threatened his former employer’s family with murder via various phone calls. Because of these threats, the family has sought and obtained a restraining order against the actor. Henry now runs his own rival bakery in New Orleans, Wink’s Buttermilk Drop Bakery and Bistro where he is reportedly highly respected by his employees. He is also a cherished citizen of his neighborhood who frequently donated his own baked goods to homeless shelters. Henry freely surrendered himself to the arresting authorities. After spending several hours in jail, he was released on bond.

That wasn’t the end of Henry’s self-made legal troubles. In fact, the present case helped a forgotten and more sinister charge resurface. He is now under investigation for murder. Upon investigating the theft charge, the investigating detectives uncovered an 8-year-old New Orleans murder charge against Henry which New Orleans authorities mysteriously never pursued. Unofficial reports said the victim was one Leroy Paige who was found stabbed to death just outside of his apartment on Sunday, February 5, 2006. New Orleans mayoral candidate Troy Henry, the actor’s cousin, insists the charges were dropped because the stabbing was in self-defense. Fortunately for investigators, Louisiana has no statute of limitations on murder. Therefore, they have decided to launch a complete investigation into the matter at a later date. When contacted, Dwight Henry’s lawyer refused to comment on the old murder charge.

Actor/baker Dwight Henry released from jail on theft charge