Prior Lake Brad Knudson

Prior Lake Brad Knudson

Brad Knudson had enough of bullying, so he took to YouTube on Monday to call out those who have been bullying his daughter.

In the video, published on Monday (Jan. 19), Knudson appears on camera and talks about two high school freshmen from Prior Lake who he says bullied his daughter on Snapchat in December.

Knudson describes the incident: “my beautiful African American daughter being bullied via Snapchat and the unbelievable response from the father.” He says he adopted his daughter 11 years ago.

“It’s very emotional,” the father of five said in the video.

His multiracial family is used to heads turning but nothing like what happened over New Years. Knudson said his daughter received Snapchat videos laced with racism from two high schoolers. Knudson said he tried to contact the boy’s father but received harassing phone calls from the parent instead.

Frustrated, Knudson took to YouTube to share his story. His wife, Wendy Knudson, said after seeing so many young people who were bullied take their own lives they had to stand up.

“I love my daughter and I don’t want her to end up committing suicide because of freaking morons,” Brad Knudson said in the video.

The video been shared widely on social media. Tuesday night the video had just 1,000 views. By Wednesday, it had more than 56,000 views. Even school leaders took notice.

Prior Lake, Minnesota: Dad Goes On YouTube And Calls Out Daughter’s Snapchat Bullies

Prior Lake, Minnesota: Dad Goes On YouTube And Calls Out Daughter’s Snapchat Bullies

The YouTube comments range from strong support for Knudson to name-calling and criticism of his decision to “call out” the bullies by name on social media.

On YouTube user wrote:

It is such a shame to hear a beautiful young lady be treated this way. Those kinds are not only ignorant but an honest disgrace. Racism isn’t funny, it’s hurtful. There is nothing wrong with someone who has a different pigment to their skin than yours so grow up and accept those around you because at the end of the day we are all HUMAN and deserve to be treated as such.

Another user offered this opinion:

I can’t believe all the bleeding-heart liberals on this page. First of all, this guy adopts a black girl when he lives in a neighborhood that’s predominantly white. Can you say duh ? Even a 2010 census confirms that Prior Lake, Minnesota is 91% White and only 1.5% Black.

Following the outpouring of support, Bradley posted this on his Youtube video:

I would like to thank everyone for their support. I just found out our daughter did not take this issue as seriously as Wendy and I. The n word is something I was taught at a very young age was not appropriate. You hear nowadays a lot of songs by People of all color use this word. You also see videos that they use this word. I have never liked it I’ve always thought it was inappropriate that they used it. I have now found out that my daughter during the WCCO interview decide…d to use Snapchat and send people videos of her thinking that this was a game and it was funny and she actually uses the N-word twice. Regardless of your skin color I and my wife do not tolerate this word our daughter is going to be reprimanded in an appropriate manner. I am extremely saddened and disappointed because of this video she has discredited the message that we wanted to convey. I hope that this does not stop our efforts to highlight the issues that still remain regarding bully and the effects it has on children. It is still truly an epidemic and social media has allowed us to bully individuals 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where that person lives. Wendy and I are still dedicated to highlighting this issue and help educate our young people on the effects of bullying and how to deal with bullying. Again I want to thank everyone for their support getting this message out.

Prior Lake Assistant Superintendent Jeff Holmberg said they’ve reached out to both families and are investigating the incident.

Prior Lake’s Brad Knudson is making headlines for defending his daughter from bullying.

Prior Lake’s Brad Knudson is making headlines for defending his daughter from bullying.

“We don’t tolerate that so we are going to very specific about it and diligent about our efforts to understand the situation,” Holmberg said.

The father of those bullies lost his job just two days after the video was posted.

Deron Puro was an independent contractor, and his employer confirmed to Fox 9 on Wednesday that he is no longer associated with that company as of Jan. 21.