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According to media reports Sunday, hundreds of teens tried rushed into a movie theater at the West Oaks Mall in Orange County Florida at about 11 p.m. Saturday,

WFLA reports at least a couple of hundred teenagers made it inside before security guards managed to push the crowd out, according to WESH.

The teens ran to the parking lot where fights erupted and gunshots were fired. A teen was arrested at a nearby Taco Bell after the shooting, deputies told WESH.

“(It’s) a big concern to us that are juveniles are doing this at such an early age,” said Orange County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Paul Hopkins.

Later the teens gathered at a gas station and started stealing things, a witness told WESH.

Deputies managed to get the teens under control and their parents came to pick them up, WESH reported.

“Everybody just started scattering, ducking underneath the seats,” said movie-goer Kenny Johnson. “It was a scary moment.”

“These are middle to high school kids who have guns, who are shooting guns, are robbing people, driving stolen cars and they have drugs in their cars,” Hopkins said.

Drugs and a stolen car were found during the investigation, WESH reported.

Two teens were arrested.

No one was seriously hurt.

Riot Police (Photo : Getty Images / Jens Schlueter)

Riot Police (Photo : Getty Images / Jens Schlueter)