Oprah Winfrey security line:  Oprah Able To Get Past Security At the Oscars

Oprah Winfrey security line: Oprah Able To Get Past Security At the Oscars

Even prominent members of Hollywood have to play by the rules. Unless of course you’re Oprah Winfrey. There is a security line at the Oscar’s that these stars have to go through before entering the big event.

The one time daytime talk show though decided to skip right through that. She simply ducked under the black velvet rope, and went on her merry way, reports the Mail Online.

The reason could be that she didn’t want to wait to hit that red carpet, so she brushed aside the long line and went her own way. She was followed by security but that didn’t seem to deter her whatsoever. Security never tackled her or tried to stop her either.

She never even had to deal with any sort of wait once she made it past that checkpoint. Perhaps because, well, she is Oprah Winfrey. She made it to the cameras where she posed like nothing even happened. The only surveillance they kept on her was the watchful eye of a security guard…but, even that only lasted a little while. He realized who she was, and let her be.

Oprah was at the event as part of the cast of “Selma”, the movie which she also produced. Her gorgeous gown also caused some talk, but it was nothing compared to her grand security line dodge.

Are you surprised Oprah Winfrey skipped the security line?


Oprah Winfrey security line Excuse me, VIP coming through! Oprah Winfrey jumps the security line at the Academy Awards

Oprah Winfrey Security Line: Oprah Goes Under Black Rope At Oscars, Dodges Security