Mass Murder in Southwest Missouri
Seven people are dead as the result of a mass murder shooting by 36-year-old, Joseph Jesse Aldridge. Four of the people who were shot are believed to be the cousins of the shooter. Police were alerted to the shooting when a girl ran from her home and to a neighbor’s house to call for help. Two people were found dead in that house. After investigating further, law enforcement officials found the other bodies.

One other person was wounded in the shooting. The patient was transported to the hospital and there is no update on his condition at this time. He may be the only person alive who may be able to tell officers why the shooter may have felt the need to shoot so many people, some of them from his own family.

Little is known about a motive for the murder; however, court records show that Aldridge had convictions on minor charges in the past. It appears that he went from house to house during the rampage. An elderly woman was also found dead, but investigators said that she probably died of natural causes rather than a victim of the shooter.

Aldridge was found dead in his car following the crime. He committed suicide by shotgun. No information was available to determine if the man suffered from mental instability or illness. It may be days before police release more information on that matter. In the meantime, the people in the small town in Missouri are suffering from shock and it may take years for them to recover from the violence that is associated with this crime.