Sting like a Bee, Sing like a Boxer?

Professional fighter Manny Pacquiao has added one more talent to his belt- sport’s singer. The boxer chose to record a song that will play during his entrance into the arena to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. This unusual opportunity will be a moment to shine even brighter for all of his fans if it goes off well. The fight is scheduled for May 2nd in Las Vegas.

The song of the night is called Lalaban Ako Para sa Pilipino, or “I am going to fight for the Filipinos.” The lyrics of the song mark it as a clear anthem of sorts for all Filipino people. He wants to show how proud and strong his country men are capable of being. The song is his way of giving back to his country as he prepares for the fight of his career.

Pacquiao has been training hard in anticipation of his big fight day. He is currently in southern California working with his trainers. However, he will be practicing in Manila prior to the big fight and his singing debut in the boxing arena. However, this is not the first time he has stepped inside a recording studio. Pacquiao actually recorded and album several years ago, and it is just one of the many things he has accomplished in his varied and successful career.

The fight is sure to be one that amps up the crowds and boxing fans all over the world. Tickets have been sold out for months as this is a show down that is meant to make history. Perhaps Pacquiao will set a trend for future fights with each boxer recording his own fighting anthem. Of course, this is no WWF with crazy stunts or costumes. The fighters fight to the finish and to win no matter what the cost.