Phil Robertson CPAC

Phil Robertson CPAC

God Help Us

Phil Robertson is either a name that strikes instant recognition in you, or it’s a name that leaves you saying “Who?” Either way, once someone explains who he is, you’ll be like “Oh yeah. I remember that guy.”

Phil Robertson is making headlines, and this is not the first time. He’s infamous, and it’s not just for his role on the A&E reality show called “Duck Dynasty.” He had previously caused a stir all across social media, the regular media, and in day to day conversations He had made some pretty harsh anti-gay comments which got him suspended from the A&E television show. They later released a statement saying his views did not reflect their views. Well, it seems that Phil Robertson did not learn his lesson and he’s back in hot water again.

On Friday he gave a very questionable, and not to mention downright confusing at times, speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He’s an advocate of the First Amendment, and oh boy did he exercise his First Amendment rights at this conference. He covered a broad array of controversial topics everything from STD’s to Nazis.

He spoke about Jesus, and even pulled out his heavily bookmarked Bible to site. He made some off the wall comments in the over 20 minutes he spoke. Not everyone just stared in disbelief at the words that were coming out of his mouth. He received some laughs, and at times he even received some applaud. When he spoke about STD’s, the information he gave actually had facts to back it up.

He concluded his rant by saying that if it were up to him he would get rid of the IRS, and the Federal Department of Education. Add those to the long list of his already controversial comments, and add on some more offended people. Finally it seemed that he was done with speech. Of course before he went, he had a few last words. “God help us,” he said in conclusion to his speech.

God help us is right, when Phil Robertson opens his mouth.