Carowinds roller coaster

Carowinds roller coaster

Carowinds has sent out the first ever test run of giga-coaster Fury 325. The coaster was tested late Wednesday afternoon.

Debuting this spring, Fury 325 will be the world’s tallest & fastest giga coaster — a term for ultra-high coasters with a first drop of over 300 feet and completes a full circuit, reports the Huff Post.

The thrill ride stands 325 feet tall – 20-feet taller than the Statue Liberty – with an 81-degree initial drop and reaches breathtaking speeds of 95 miles per hour.

Fury 325 is part of a planned $50 million multi-year expansion at the Charlotte, NC park.

Fury 325 opens on March 27 to Carowinds season pass holders and on March 28 for everyone else.

will you be linning up to ride Carowinds roller coaster?

Check out the first test run of the Fury below:


Carowinds roller coaster