Stephen Johnson, Police Chief of Miami Gardens, Florida was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute several days ago. The ironic thing about the situation, was that he was caught in an undercover sting operation that was taking place in nearby Dania Beach, Florida, as you would think the Police Chief of a major city would about a prostitution sting taking place and would seemingly avoid it if that was the situation. Mr. Johnson clearly thought he was above the law, despite his high rank from within the police department, and he was caught and taken into custody.

Police in the area were conducting a sting through the website, where they posted an ad for two escorts at a local hotel. Stephen Johnson contacted the number and requested two girls for a price of one-hundred dollars, and showed up to the hotel shortly thereafter. As he arrived at the hotel he handed over the one-hundred dollars and was subsequently arrested. He also had two condoms in his pocket, and it was pretty clear what he was there for.
After being arrested late on Friday night, he made bail and was released Saturday morning, stating that it was the large amount of stress that attributed to his job that caused him to seek an escort service, as a way to blow off some some steam. He stated that the stress inflicted by his job made him make a bad decision and led him to hire the two escorts. Clearly he thought he was above the law and could get away with illegal activity, despite his highly coveted position in the police force. Hopefully he does not get any special treatment regarding this case and is held in full responsibility for his actions. Mr. Johnson’s tenure as police chief has been officially terminated, and a replacement has been appointed.