(Photo: Becky Schoenig)

(Photo: Becky Schoenig)

Becky Schoenig Fusion: Missouri woman thanks thieves for ‘Pimping out my vehicle’

Most people don’t celebrate the occasion when car thieves swipe your brand new car right out of your driveway. But that’s what separates Becky Schoenig from most people. She’s a hardcore believer in karma.

That’s why when someone sped away with her 2015 Ford Fusion on Monday night she knew if she sent out positive vibes, the car would come back.

“She’s a very special person,” described her friend, Marlene Trice. “She is vibrant and happy and really loves making people laugh.”

As USA reports, Schoenig’s car did come back on Wednesday. Just not exactly the way it looked on Monday.

On Wednesday, many friends mistook Schoenig’s Facebook update for an April Fools Day joke. But it was real:

“I want to thank the car thieves for pimping out my vehicle for me…. This thing is pimpin now!!!”

Schoenig has an unshakable belief that, by and large, people are good. If you send those good vibe ripples out into the world (or on Facebook), she feels the positive karma will back come to you.

One of those positive vibes reached Mick Sexton in The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis. Sexton recognized Schoenig’s stolen car Tuesday night after a mutual friend posted a picture of it on Facebook. Sexton called the police and the Fusion, upgrades and all, came back to Becky Schoenig on Wednesday. April Fools Day.

Schoenig admits the episode wasn’t all “lollipops and rainbows.” Her car did now reek of cigarette and marijuana smoke. She’s getting it professionally cleaned.

The relieved car owner is also creating a new Smoothie at her Kirkwood restaurant, “The HotPot Smoothie“. It’s in honor of her new hero, Mick Sexton.

But Schoenig is also creating a new Smoothie at her Kirkwood restaurant, “The HotPot Smoothie”. It’s in honor of her new hero, Mick Sexton.

The “Sexton on Wheels” smoothie is a tasty combination of banana, pineapple, peach and coconut cream.

“Life is good all the time and it’s full of good people,” Schoenig said.

(Photo: Becky Schoenig)

(Photo: Becky Schoenig)