• Yolanda

    June 3, 2015

    It’s all about the money$$$$$. If this show is not renewed they will all have to actually go to work. The parents told their daughters that they had to be intimate with their husbands whenever their husbands wanted sex. That tells you something right there. Good old Dad didn’t even turn in the son to the authorities. Brainwashing those poor girls. They don’t know any better, unfortunately. Maybe that’s why they were home schooled. Can’t tell anyone if you’re always with your family, right?

  • e

    June 3, 2015

    The two who have ‘come forward’ as his victims are part of the money making machine and want their own spin offs with 20 kids each. Evidence of that is the links they provide to wedding albums and courtship of each of them.

    Yes, from experience of many, this man is hiding in the church in plain sight. The fact that he was so young and joked about it ought to be a red flag. Where are the experts chiming in on this subject.

    What happened to the non family member he did this to? Has she forgiven him? How old was she when he stole into her room under cover of darkness? I am angry that these two media hungry females are telling those who suffer still that their perps were not monsters in the night.

  • Rog

    June 3, 2015

    The mother, the father and the son all need to go to prison for committing and condoning these crimes.
    This is no different than all of those religious cults that we’ve seen in the news so many times before.
    How long will it be before it is brought to light about the father molesting the son(s)?????
    How else would a young child know this was something to be done at all?
    He learned it from someone.
    Abhorrent behavior doesn’t happen “naturally” it’s a learned action. It’s not natural, it was done to him and he in-turn has burdened others with it now.
    Children do not just do this to other children, especially not committing incest! It had to be something that an adult put in to his little child mind.
    Children are perfect, they are born a pure and new living thing. Their minds are pure, their souls are free, they only know to love and laugh-until they are molested!
    Child molesters are demons spreading their maliciousness to the most innocent minded beings, innocent children.
    That stupid woman! Letting it happen! So many mothers do. Why? I’m sick of their excuses-pretending they didn’t know what was going on. She needs to be sentenced right a long with the father and son.
    And, now that monster has 3 and counting… little potential victims living right under his roof.
    Not to mention the future.
    No one ‘gets over’ being molested or groomed or coerced or fondled!!! No one. Child molestation and incest is an epidemic in this country, when will MEN-yes, MEN say ‘no’!!!
    When will men say enough!
    Fathers’, son’s, priests, coaches, uncles, when will other men start beating the **** out of other men when they see them molesting a child!!
    Why do they turn their stupid heads and pretend they didn’t see what they saw which was a crime.
    Jerry Seinfeld’s last show was about them going to prison for not helping a guy being robbed on the street. So, why don’t men/woman go to prison when they become privy to the information ie: a man molesting children and NOT report it! Why is this ok?
    Why are child molesters not flogged and castrated??????
    A boy should not be curious sexually about his sisters!
    The father needs to be questioned, I have a feeling, he’s not innocent himself, he put something in to his son’s mind and, then his son in-turn acted out on others just as innocent and unable to control or protect themselves—he in turn made victims, just like he was made a victim too I imagine.
    Please remove the rest of the children, get them away from all of those monsters before they do more harm–
    Does no one think about the future?? Does anyone care about anyone other than themselves and their satisfaction?

  • Victor H

    June 3, 2015

    The Duggar’s are masters of denial. Remember this family belongs to a cult. They are not main stream Christians. They have a long deep seeded history of denying the truth. They deny not just the evolution of man but the evolution of the earth, including the age of the earth, and the age of the universe. They deny things that we know to be true through carbon dating, and scientific discovery. No Jenna, you cannot say that your brother is not a child molester. By definition, he is a child molester and most likely was a victim of child molestation too. These people are really out on a limb. Hopefully TLC will cancel their show. For people who are so uneducated, we really do not need them spewing their bogus beliefs on The Learning Channel. TLC must cancel their show and provide them with no other network projects. I think America has seen enough of the Duggar Family.


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