hurley pole photo

hurley pole photo

At 49-years young former model Elizabeth Hurley puts women half her age to shame with her incredible looks.

If there was ever any doubt she is still a stunning beauty, she posted a throwback snap to her Instagram account on Tuesday.

Hurley shared a VERY racy snap of her dangling from a pole, only a small string bikini protecting her modesty.

‘Misspent youth?’ Liz captioned the photo, before revealing that the photo was taken in Las Vegas during a shoot.

Hurley recently joined the cast of The Royals, meaning she’s been kept pretty busy jetting back and forth between the UK and US for work.

The character is well suited for the actress who’s long been admired as a British beauty and it represents her first major role since he appeared in Gossip Girl in 2012.

Talking to This Morning about her role as Queen, Liz added: ” Maybe Joan Collins was my inspiration…

“I was inspired a little by her part in Dynasty, so I pulled a little bit from her but also I tried to think ‘what would Princess Diana maybe have looked like had she become our Queen and was Queen today?’

What are your thoughts on Hurley’s pole photo?