Alaska Plane Crash Ends In Tragedy, 9 Dead

Alaska Plane Crash Ends In Tragedy, 9 Dead

Tragic Plane Crash in Alaska

Vehicular accidents are all too common in life, but a plane crash is pure tragedy, the latest example of which came on Thursday night.

A small plane that was flying in Alaska, was found to have crashed in the state with a pilot and eight other passengers on board at the time, reports CNN.

The plane ride was part of a passenger cruise shore excursion that is sold through the Holland America Line and the plane crash occurred several miles near Ketchikan, Alaska, not too far from Ella Lake.

Regarding the passengers, all of them as well as the pilot were confirmed to have not survived the crash and authorities will not be able to recover the bodies of the members on board until later, due to poor weather conditions at the moment.

"There is nothing I can say that can alleviate the pain and overwhelming sense of loss that we and the loved ones of those affected are feeling," Marcus Sessoms, president of Promech Air, said in a statement. "At this moment, all of us share the pain and anguish of this terrible event. Our thoughts and our prayers go out to everyone touched by this tragedy."

The remains of the plane were first discovered when a private helicopter pilot reported that he saw some plane wreckage on the side of a granite rock face near the lake. As for the plane, it had previously taken off for a tour of the Misty Fjords National Monument and the passengers who were on board had left Seattle on Saturday from the MS Westerdam on the cruise.