Model Protest at Rick Owens Show

Rick Owens is a fashion designer who is best known for his minimalist style that speaks volumes. Recently, Owens showcase his latest men’s collection on June 25th, 2015 at the Paris runway show. His latest Spring Summer 2016 collection included a lot of tunic-looking outfits with nests of frizzy hair that covered his model’s faces. During the Paris runway show, Owens had a strange incident with one of his models. According to the story on The New York Daily News, one of his models decided to stage a bizarre protest in the middle of his walk.

The model, only known as Jera at the moment, was strutting down the runway when he revealed a piece of cloth that he was holding with the words “Kill Angela Merkel” with the word “not” underneath it. The sign was unclear what Jera’s agenda was, but it seems as though he was staging a one-man political protest. Many are still not sure what the sign that Jera displayed was meant to refer to.

Sources say that designer Rick Owens was furious at his model’s protest sign.

He called Jera a “crazy, rogue model”. He then added that he punched the model once he finished his catwalk. Owens asked reporters to make sure that they put in their stories that he punched him. A statement released from Owen’s camp said that the sign was independent of the model who displayed it and not part of the collection or the show nor does the sign reflect any opinions or feelings that Owens may have or the house of Rick Owens.

Rick Owens and his team have attempted to have the image of Jera holding the bizarre sign either obscured or removed completely from the media. So far, they have not had any luck in doing so.

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