corduroy the cat

corduroy the cat

An elderty cat in Oregon has been named the oldest living cat by Guinness World Records.

The cat named Corduroy is now 26-year-old, reports the AP.

The aging kitty is owned by a family in the central Oregon city of Sisters. His owner, Ashley Reed Okura, has had him since he was a kitten and she was 7.

This isn’t the first time Cordurory has been named the world’s olest cat by the Guinness World Records.

He was first recognized last year until officials discovered another cat, Tiffany Two, which lived to be just over 27. Corduroy reclaimed the title after Tiffany Two’s death.

Okura told The Oregonian that Corduroy is still active and in good health, except for some kidney problems. He still hunts on the family’s 160-acre property.

For his birthday Aug. 1, Okura bought him a live white mouse from Petco and says he enjoyed it “right away.”

Corduroy has a way to go, however, before he dethrones the all-time record holder of world’s oldest cat. reports YHOOO.

That title-holding tabby, Creme Puff, born in 1967, lived an astounding 38 years and three days, more than twice the 14-year life span of the average cat.