A wildfire has been raging in the area of Twisp, Washington for the past several days. The wildfire has proved extremely difficult to control. Ongoing efforts to fight the fire have proved highly dangerous for emergency workers. As of this time three firefighters have been killed and four more have been injured. One of the injured firefighters is in critical condition.

So far no civilians have been killed or injured but there has been extensive damage to homes and property. Furthermore the government of Washington has issued Level 3 evacuation order for the area which means that all residents are required to leave the area immediately and stay away until further notice.

The fire is one of dozens that have sprung up in the state during this season. But unlike the others this fire has resisted firefighters’ efforts to put it out or even to contain it to a manageable area. Washington residents have found the violence of the blaze disturbing. No firefighters have been killed fighting a wildfire since 2001, and there also plenty of anxiety about the fact that there is really no way to know which properties will escape and which will be consumed by the flames.