North Carolina’s Cloaked Figure Mystery Solved

Residents of Gastonia, North Carolina experienced a real-life mystery earlier this week when a photo appeared of an ethereal-looking pale white figure standing creepily in a hood and cloak on August 17th. Of course, rumors immediately ran wild, ranging from the benign–someone shooting a movie–to the most extreme of rumors, in which an individual claimed they saw the hooded figure depositing piles of raw meat next to a playground.

The photograph went viral in the area almost immediately, eventually sparking the interest of national news networks as well. The Gastonia police were even involved at one point, though they did not seem to take the issue very seriously, believing the cloaked individual was simply a creative prankster. The general consensus of the town, however, was somewhat darker: that the individual in the photograph was performing a satanic sacrifice. Other theories ranged from a ghostly appearance, to an individual suffering from delusions, to a person with a simple sun allergy. One person even claimed, via Twitter, that he was afraid to go to sleep with the hooded person still at large and no explanation for his odd clothing choices.

It turns out that the town of Gastonia had nothing to worry about: the hooded and cloaked gentleman in the photograph was a student completing a project for a college class. It is unclear whether the individual is responsible for depositing the raw meat found at the local playground, and his identity is not known, but it turns out the thrill of the mystery was a lot more interesting than the truth. So how was this great mystery solved? The mother of the hooded student saw the photo online, and immediately called the local news station, putting the issue to rest once and for all. At least now citizens of Gastonia can rest a little easier, knowing that there are no cloaked boogeymen waiting outside their doors.