Skype offline For users Around The World

Skype offline For users Around The World

Skype offline

The VoIP service Skype was affected by a global outage that affected its practical applications and web pages.

Thousands of Skype users around the world have probably noticed for a few hours that the Microsoft VoIP service was down. the company said a problem affecting many aspects of Skype and greatly hinders its use.

A problem that affects many countries

Thus, if a user is already connected to Skype he/she may encounter difficulties in accessing the service. The users already connected are not much better off because you can not change status to see contacts. In fact they all appear offline even if they are not.

And impossible to make calls, but it remains possible to send and receive written messages. That said, in case of group conversations it is also possible that some messages are not delivered correctly. In addition, some services such as web pages of the Skype community or the airtime may struggle to load.

The web versions of Skype spared

If you have an audio / video call urgently to pass, you will be pleased to know that (at the time of this writing anyway) web beta of Skype it seems to work normally. It is available on or integrated into outlook .com. Of course, Microsoft is working to resolve this issue quickly.