Randy  Quaid Detained In Montreal, Could Get Deported

Randy Quaid Detained In Montreal, Could Get Deported

The American actor Randy Quaid was arrested in Montreal, his wife said on Twitter late Tuesday.

Evi Quaid said he was detained by agents of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The reason for his arrest remains unknown.

Neither the CBSA nor the Commission of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada had confirmed to QMI Agency his arrest Wednesday afternoon.

His lawyer, Mark Gruszczynski, refused to comment, and CBSA officials were not available.

The actor, who is the brother of Dennis Quaid, in trouble with the US justice since 2010, when he left the US and moved to Canada with his Canadian wife.

He was arrested in October of that year in Canada because he had missed a court date in California.

In 2013, the Canadian government refused his application for permanent residence and had to leave the country, but remained illegally living in Montreal.

Last May, he was arrested for having continued to report to the Canada Border Services Agency. He was released under certain conditions after paying bail of $ 10,000.

The American actor is best known for his roles in The Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain and National Lampoon’s Vacation.