Hunter survives by eating ants

Hunter survives by eating ants

Hunter Lost in Australia Survives by Eating Ants

Without water, a person can dehydrate quickly in Australia’s more remote areas. On Wednesday, October 7, 62-year-old Reginald Foggerdy, a former miner, got lost while hunting with his brother and chasing a feral camel in Western Australia’s Great Victoria Desert – an incredibly dry area of the country where the temperatures go over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Foggerdy went on the trip with very little survival gear. Western Australia Police officials told the media that wore nothing more that day than shorts, a t-shirt, a cap and flip-flops. The police and Aboriginal trackers finally found him on Tuesday, October 13, approximately nine miles away from where he was initially lost. The spot where rescuers found him was also more than a hundred miles from the closest town.

Forggerdy was in an “extremely dehydrated” state, which wasn’t surprising to rescuers given that the temperatures each day over the last six days hovered around 99 degree Fahrenheit. He was able to talk, but he was also slightly delusional and disoriented.

Rescuers learned that Foggerdy used one of the best methods for survival in such harsh conditions: He ate highly nutritious local black ants while staying in the shade of a tree.

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