Robot reindeer video

The guys over at Boston Dynamics, a branch of Google X, released a disquieting holiday video that is sure to make children behave this Christmas.

Sure the Christmas greeting has many of the traditional holiday signifiers: a big red sled, presents, Mrs. Claus, evergreen garlands.

However, instead of real-live reindeer, the video features Robot reindeer!

The video shows Boston Dynamics’ famous robot dogs pulling the sleigh, tricked out in antlers.

military robots as reindeers

military robot reindeers

Boston Dynamics first released the BigDog robot in 2005 with funding help from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The automatons can trek up hills, run over rough terrain and carry heavy loads, making snowy rooftop landings a snap.

Robot reindeer

Robot reindeer

The company’s long history of releasing chilling robot videos includes the lifelike PETMAN, which is covered in sensors that can detect chemicals and and even sweats to regulate temperature.

Check out the Robot reindeer in the video below.