A New Law That Is Making Some Gun Owners Happy In Texas

Texas is a state that has recently changed its laws to allow everyone who would like to carry a gun openly to do that. People are allowed to put their gun in a visible place on their body as they are going out and about, with the exception of a few places where guns are still not allowed.
Some businesses are not pleased with this new law, and they have decided against letting people use their open carry right in their stores. All that the businesses have to do is to put up a sign outside of their store, and then if someone is seen with an open carry gun, they will be in trouble with the law.
Texas gun carry laws

Texas gun carry laws

There are many people who are happy with the new law, and then there are those who are not at all too happy. The law is effective on January 1st, and then everyone will get to use their open carry rights. Those who have been wanting this for a long time are sure to be happy when that day comes, while those who are not too thrilled about it are probably feeling frustrated with the way that Texas’s gun laws have changed.

Not demanding to see licenses, though, could also make it easier for unlicensed Texas residents to take advantage of the don’t-ask environment.

“We’ve changed things here a lot and we’ve not thought this through,” said Charley Wilkison, executive director of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, the state’s largest law enforcement officers’ union. “People will drive without a license and we can sure count on them to carry a weapon without training or license.”

Business Prep For Texas gun carry laws

Businesses will have the option to ban customers from openly carrying handguns by posting signs outside stores. Gun holders who ignore those signs risk violating state trespassing laws and would face penalties and fines, reports CNN.

Here’s a breakdown of how some companies are choosing to act:

Whole Foods

Whole Foods (WFM), which is headquartered in Austin, Texas, does not welcome firearms into its stores.

“As a private retailer; we have opted not to allow firearms on the premises except for store security,” Whole Foods spokesperson Michael Silverman told CNNMoney in an email. He said that has been the policy since the company was founded.

He added that all Whole Foods locations in Texas will have updated signage addressing the new open carry law by January 1.


H-E-B, a popular grocery chain based in San Antonio, will continue to allow concealed handguns, but it’s not allowing visible carry at its stores.

“We’ve always asked our customers to conceal their weapons,” H-E-B spokesperson Dya Campos said. “The only difference now is that we have to post signage.”

Campos said the company has not had issues with customers violating their firearm policies in the past. H-E-B has locations in 150 Texas communities.


Texas-based fast food chain Whataburger laid out its policy earlier this year after the bill was passed.

CEO Preston Atkinson wrote on the company’s website that licensed carriers can bring concealed weapons, but the company will not permit open carry at its 780 locations.

“We’ve had many customers and employees tell us they’re uncomfortable being around someone with a visible firearm who is not a member of law enforcement,” Atkinson said.

Whataburger did not immediately respond to whether or not it will have signage ready by the new year.