Crystal City texas news

Crystal City texas news

Crystal City Texas: news of sweeping arrests shocks community

In an unprecedented move, the FBI arrested and indicted almost every city council member in a tiny Texas town about 130 miles outside of San Antonio on Friday, according to multiple media reports.

As repoted by the the Washington Post, in Crystal City, a small Texas town of 7,500 people, just one city council member showed up at work on Friday. The rest of the council was facing felony charges

So who was busted? The FBI arrested the mayor, the mayor pro tempore, a council member, the city manager and a former city council member for allegedly taking thousands of dollars of bribes and aiding an illegal gambling operation, according to the Post.

According to the FBI, the mayor allegedly accepted a $6,000 bribe to help him buy a car. For the money, the mayor allegedly told city inspectors to “make it easy” while inspecting the property of an illegal gambling business. Other city council members gave a new city manager with no prior experience a salary that was half of the city’s budget.
of the city’s annual general-fund budget. In exchange, the manager allegedly helped the council members with their schemes, the FBI says.

If found guilty, the Post reports the city officials could face as much as 10 years in prison.

Joel Barajas, the sole council member to show up at work on Friday, said he was not surprised.

“I knew some things were not being correctly taken care of,” Barajas told KENS.