Rick Scott Donald Trump

Rick Scott Donald Trump

Rick Scott Donald Trump

The man has murdered thousands of Floridians by denying them health care, while he has lined his own pockets making money off drug testing welfare folks at the expense of the gullible taxpayers. Huckabee’s name has also been floated, but Trump already has the backing of Pharisees… I mean “Christians”… so he probably doesn’t need to make a clergyman Vice President. He’s confident enough at this point that he’s going to get the nomination that he says he’s in the process of choosing his running mate. Whom he chooses will be our first indicator of his ability (or lack thereof) to surround himself with the right people. And Rick Scott, like Scott Walker and Sarah Palin, are not the right people in any world this side of hell.

Washington Post political ace Chris Cillizza finally decided to enter the Donald Trump-running-mate-fan-fiction arena, and he thinks Florida Gov. Rick Scott might be a possibility.

“The Florida governor is, yes, a governor and, therefore, part of the political class that Trump loathes,” Cillizza writes. “But Scott, like Trump, has his roots in the private sector — making millions as a health care executive before he ran for office in 2010. And Scott got into the governor’s mansion by beating the Florida Republican establishment at its own game — sort of like Trump has done in this race.”

He adds, “Under normal circumstances, the fact that Scott’s company paid a $1.7 billion Medicare fraud penalty would be disqualifying. But this is Donald Trump we are talking about.”