On Monday, animal rights activists made it past the barricades and attempted to rush the stage before being stopped by security at a Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland, Calif.

Sanders’ security stopped the protesters before they could reach the Democratic presidential hopeful, who was addressing supporters at Frank Ogawa Plaza at Oakland’s City Hall Monday.

Video of the incident shows two bodyguards immediately surrounded Sanders while nearby security personnel quickly handcuffed the protesters and escorted them out of the rally, even carrying one of them by the legs and arms.

Sanders continued his speech within minutes of the  protesters disruption.

“We don’t get intimidated easily,” said Sanders as he resumed his speech

Animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere claimed responsibility for the protest, saying in a statement that it hoped to persuade Sanders to take a tough stance against factory farms.

“Bernie Sanders claims to support the ‘good’ farms,” activist Rachel Ziegler said in the statement. “But as our repeated investigations have shown, even the ‘good’ farms are horrific.”

Bernie Sanders protesters

Bernie Sanders protesters

As reported by USA Today, a similar incident occurred in March when a man attempted to rush the stage at a Donald Trump rally in Ohio. Protesters have been dragged out of several Trump events across the nation.

A Sanders rally was shut down when Black Lives Matter protesters took control of the microphone in Seattle last August. The incident took place before the candidate was provided with Secret Service protection.

California’s primary is by far the biggest of six state contests scheduled for June 7.

Sanders currently has 1,499 pledged delegates, with Hillary Clinton at 1,769.

While superdelegates are free to change their minds at the party’s convention in the summer, an Associated Press survey has Clinton with 541 superdelegates, and Sanders at 43.