Facebook clickbait

Facebook clickbait

The US social network Facebook began to update Thursday algorithm governing the display order of the publications in the news for its users over to reduce the number of titles that “clickbait” with false promises.

The change is particularly securities that are intentionally leave out information necessary to understand what is in a product, or exaggerate to fool people and thus encourage them to click on a link to an article published elsewhere.

|Our goal with News Feed is to show people the stories most relevant to them — ranking stories so that what’s most important to each person shows up highest in their News Feeds.”  Facebook wrote on their bog. “When we rank and make improvements to News Feed, we rely on a set of core values. These values — which we’ve been using for years — guide our thinking, and help us keep the central experience of News Feed intact as it evolves.”

To address this feedback from our community, we’re making an update to News Feed ranking to further reduce clickbait headlines in the coming weeks. With this update, people will see fewer clickbait stories and more of the stories they want to see higher up in their feeds.

News Feed, a team of about 200 people, uses a similar classification system to determine what it should show each user, Mosseri said.