New Games of Thrones Leaks for Season 7

On Sunday HBO showed the first look at the much hyped season 7 of Games Of Thrones. The preview was quick and gave a glimpse of the Starks in the ‘Coming in 2017’. The clip was shown before the penultimate episode of Westworld. The short preview featured just three pictures flashed quickly on screen. The medieval fantasy show favorites Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington), Sansa Stark (played by Sophie Turner) and Arya Stark (played by Maise Williams) were the stars of the clip.

Winter has finally reached beyond the wall by the look if the preview. The fans beloved Jon Snow is dressed in heavy furs and locked in deep conversation with someone. Last season he won back the North and was made its King. Will the fate that has befallen most Kings in Games Of Thrones be his undoing? Nobody is ever safe in the Games Of Thrones realm.

Another image shoes Sansa Stark looking morose and moody, staring into the snowy distance. Is Sansa going to find her only sister Arya this season? Will she be Littlefingers pawn, or has she learn’t enough to use him as she pleases. Sansa could be the dark horse of the show. Her story has almost been akin to a Queen apprenticeship. Could she be the winner of the Iron Throne at the series final end? And might she actually crack a smile in Season 7.

And then we come to the third image, Arya Stark. She has finally returned to her homeland and is sure to seek some revenge. The image shows her on horseback looking pensive. Fresh from her stint in Braavos learning the art of assassination, will she check off some more names on her list?


Season 7 will have fans waiting until summer for the penultimate season of Games Of Thrones. The season will be seven hour long episodes starting on June 28th. The series based on George R.R Martins bestselling books as come at a faster pace than his writing, with fans still waiting on book 7.

HBO has confirmed it is in the very beginning of negotiations with Martin on a prequel series to Games Of Thrones. But no result on the go ahead of this can be confirmed.