Snow Ruins Holiday Fun in Hawaii

Areas of the usually sun-drenched state of Hawaii have been covered by a thick blanket of snow.  The weather experts have said it is not unusual for some snow to fall in Hawaii, the tropical holiday spot rarely has such heavy snowfall and at such low altitudes. According to ‘The Sun’ the snow is measuring at 90cm by telescopes and falling heaviest around two of the states tallest peaks.

Howling winds along with the snow have impacted visibility with it heavily reduced. The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning for Sunday night for the volcanic peaks of Manu Kea and Mauna Loa. And the rest of the tropical Island has been subject to flash flooding with thunderstorms again forecast.

The coldest ever temperature recorded in Hawaii was minus 11 on May the 17th, 1979. The snow has been falling since last week and officials have been forced to close a section of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Icing conditions, fog and heavy snow have also meant the road leading up to the Mauna Kea visitor station had to be closed.


Skiing and Snowboarding in Hawaii

Whilst skiing may not spring to mind when one thinks of Hawaii, the Hawaiian snow does bring out the adventurous  skiers. They have to be die hard skiing and snowboarders as there are no usual amenities such as ski lifts or ski resorts. In fact you need a 4 wheel drive to even access the road to the summit. The skiers and snowboarders often wait at the bottom and hitch a ride with the next 4 wheel drive they can fit into.

So swap your bathers and surfboard for a snowboard and snow gear if you plan to visit Hawaii this month!