Trump says Democrats Making Excuses for Losing Election by Blaming Russia

The President-elect Donald Trump says the Democrats are ‘very embarrassed’ and that is why a publicly released assessment by the CIA has asserted Russia influenced the US election on Trumps behalf. Trump rejects the CIA findings in the report and on Fox News said ‘I think it’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it … No, I don’t believe it at all.’

The CIA are now on an opposite side to the President-elect over their Russian report. The CIA concludes individuals with connections to the Kremlin provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked Democratic National Committee emails.


The incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus also does not find the CIA report anything to be alarmed about. He said ‘The Russians didn’t tell Clinton to ignore Wisconsin and Michigan,’ clearly alluding to Clinton’s disaster in those two states her team would have thought her to take out over Trump.

Reince Preibus told the ABC’s ‘This Week’

‘She lost the election because her ideas were bad. She didn’t fit the electorate. She ignored states that she shouldn’t have and Donald Trump was the change agent.’

And insisted Mr Trump’s win “had nothing to do with the Russians”.