Terrifying moment young child is winched to safety from a cable car above Cologne

A car knocked into a pillar and brought the entire line of gondala’s to a standstill. Over 100 people were trapped high above Cologne, Germany. Up to 32 cable cars were left dangling and people includng children had to be winched to safety. Fire crews used ladders to bring other trapped occupants to safety.

A young boy was among those winched.

Public transport authorities for the city say 32 of of the cars were operating on the line, which runs over the Rhine, when the mishap occurred.

Dramatic images show the trapped people, one with a baby in his arms, to reach the safety of fire engine ladders.

When the one car collided with the pillar, the others were brought to a stop, leaving passengers waiting helplessly above the city’s streets.

Public transportation authorities for the city in North-Rhine-Westphalia state say 32 of the cars were operating when the mishap occurred

Thomas Miebach, managing director of the Cologne cableway company, is baffled how the cable car bumped into the pillar, particularly as there was no strong breeze.

Transport and fire department officials say that as many as 100 passengers, including children and elderly citizens, were left stranded.

Some are stuck in cable cars over the river which are not accessible with the fire engine ladders.

Around half of those have currently been lifted down to safety, with crews being recruited from outside the area to assist with the operation.

Witnesses report that fire crews are using a mobile crane to bring down the first of them.