Ari Nagel, 42, has donated sperm for 13 years and has 29 children to 24 women. He has donated in various ways including a cup passed into a dressing room at Target. And even had sex with lesbians whilst their partner was in the same room.

Appearing in The Maury Show he says 3 more children are on the way.


He also revealed he plans to keep spreading his seed for another eight years to come.The children range from 14 years-old to some who haven’t been born yet.

The New Yorker sees some every day, others on a weekly basis and some he has never met – it all depends on how involved

their mothers want him to be in his life.

Ari makes the women promise not to seek child support before handing over his sperm. This hasn’t stopped some suing him for child support though. Nagel, a professor at CUNY Kingsborough in Brooklyn, has not been put off.

If someone asks me for my *****, I will not turn them down. Women have offered to pay for my flight to Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and almost every state in the US.’

‘Any race, any religion, gay or straight – I won’t turn any woman away,’ he said.

His sperminator journey stated 13 years ago when he answered a Craigslist ad.

Among his children are three he had with his wife and to whom he is a full-time parent.

Others he sees on weekends at birthday parties and other events where their mothers would like him present.

In addition some of his kids even vacation with their other half siblings and families.

‘I am a full time parent to some of the children. Some I see every day, some I see once a week and some I see once a year. It’s really up to the moms,’

He says he leaves it up to the women to decide on how they conceive.

‘I’ve given my sperm to women in public restrooms, at casinos I even gave it in a solo cup at a cook out.’

‘Sometimes they want to do it the old fashioned way, sometimes they want it in a cup, sometimes we’d go to a fertility clinic and do it there.’

‘If someone asks me for my *****, I will not turn them down.’

‘Sometimes I’ve even mailed it to them,’ he said.

At times, the lesbian partners of some mothers have been in the room as he had sex with them.

‘Sometimes they want to feel like they’re playing a role in helping conceive the child.’

Nagel keeps track of the children, their birthdays and how each was conceived in a spreadsheet.