Centre Parcs was forced to stop advertising a family package deal when it was discovered the deal was only offered during mid-week, and only when school was in session.

Viewers of the advertisement complained to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA discovered that the 4-Day holiday package was only available when families could not take advantage of the offer.

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The same deal, offered on weekends or during holiday school breaks, cost double or more of the advertised price.

An ASA spokesman told the Scotsman: “While we understood that the only four-night breaks available at Center Parcs were midweek, we considered that some viewers would not be aware of that.

“We considered viewers would understand from the ad that the offer would only be available at the ‘from’ price at certain times throughout the year.

“Although we accepted that ‘school holidays’ could not be clearly defined, we noted that the travel dates available when the ad was first broadcast were all in January, February and one date in early March.

“Because the ad focused exclusively on the benefits of the resort for families with young children, we considered that the omission of information about the available travel periods, which would have alerted viewers to the fact that the offer was unlikely to be available during school holidays, was likely to mislead.”

Centre Parcs responded by saying they thought that their advertising was not misleading. They stated that they posted notice saying that rates were subject to change based on holiday dates and availability.

Center Parcs £249 Holiday TV Ad Banned

Center Parcs £249 Holiday TV Ad Banned