Transgender Ad Deemed Too Offensive for TV

Paddy Power, a company of Irish bookmakers, has had their commercial pulled from television after groups in the transgender community deemed it “deeply transphobic content.” The advertisement was aired on British channel Sky Sports television last weekend.

The commercial featured transgendered women attending the ladies day at the Cheltenham horse racing festival with a voiceover inviting viewers to “spot the stallions from the mares.”

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Although the ad had already been approved by Clearcast, the British advertising watchdog, the commercial received many complaints in the days following its airing, prompting the removal.

Spokesman for Paddy Power, Ken Robertson, has spoke of his disappointment for the decision to cut the ad. “The Beaumont Society stated there was ‘nothing untoward with the advert concept’ and felt it was not inappropriate.”

Paddy Power Ad Deemed Too Offensive for TV

Paddy Power Ad Deemed Too Offensive for TV