The British rocker Ozzy Osbourne once urinated on the Alamo 30 years ago and now another person has urinated on the Alamo. However, this time it was a Texan that did it.

Daniel Athens, 21, was caught by an Alamo Park Ranger. Athens was urinating on the Alamo when the ranger noticed him on Saturday night.

Rangers say that Athens was spotted after he as he was placing his private parts back into his pants. Rangers also noticed a puddle on the Alamo.

According to investigators, Athens seemed to be drunk and he reeked of booze. They also say he could not stand upright. Athens was arrested for urinating in public and public intoxication.

Rangers say that the Alamo’s limestone can become corrosive when urine comes in contact with it. This is because there is salt in the urine and the limestone absorbs salt and then the salt is pushed out.

Daniel Athens Urinated On Alamo: Caught By Ranger