Sky Formula One presenter Simon Lazenby is under fire for a comment made during the Monaco Grand Prix the afternoon of May 27th. “Some twisty and dangerous roads above us here in Monaco, Princess Grace knows all about them.”

Twenty-nine years ago, Princess Grace Kelly was a featured starlette among Hollywood’s elite . Admired for her style and grace, she won the Best Actress Oscar in 1955 but happily retired to be the wife of Monaco’s Prince Rainier and had three children: Caroline, St├ęphanie and Albert, the current crown prince. In September of 1982, she suffered a stroke while driving and drove her car off the mountain just outside the principality.

Lazenby immediately retracted the statement on air, but this is one media faux-pas that isn’t going to be brushed over. Viewers on Twitter immediately vented their hate and disgust, calling for the immediate sacking of one of F1’s top broadcasters.

Simon Lazenby Makes Inappropriate Joke About Princess Grace