Toronto Mayor Rob Ford garnered national headlines when he began a public weight loss campaign in January called “Cut the Waist Challenge”.

Ford’s original goal was to lose at least 50 pounds by mid-June, with weekly weigh- ins at City Hall charting his progress. But those weekly events soon were stretching into every other week, with some of the weigh-ins on a scale outside his office suddenly cancelled. Now word comes that Ford is no longer trying to lose weight.

His efforts since January helped him lose 16 pounds, but not the 50 pounds he had been striving for, bringing the Mayor’s weight down to 314 pounds. Ford did not disclose what sort of diet and exercise regimen he was on in order to reach a 50 pound weight loss, but he had hoped that his public weigh-ins would encourage more citizens to join him in a weight loss effort.

Rob Ford Weight Loss Challenge Is Done