In a scene straight out of a horror movie, a small Indian town is covered by a swarm of poisonous spiders. The town of Sadiya, found in the northeastern part of the country, recently endured an invasion by an aggressive and unknown species of spider.

Sadiya, in the Upper Assam region, was celebrating a cultural festival when the spiders appeared, causing a panic when the aggressive arachnids began biting. Several people were bitten and two have died so far, including a schoolboy. Victims suffered from extreme pain and nausea.

Scientists from two Indian universities are working to identify the spiders. The spiders resemble tarantulas, but the species still remains unidentified and could be a new species. The team is attempting to test the toxicity of the venom and determine the spider’s origin.

According to one zoology professor, the spider resembles the black wishbone of Southern Australia, which is non poisonous.

Deadly Spider Swarms In India: Sadiya Spiders